I was born in the Shimla,summer capital of India during British time. After completing my basic formal education. Many of the questions that had been circling for years in my mind about life began to be answered and I knew then that I wanted to pursue my experiences of meditation. In Shimla, I met my first Spiritual teacher, an Army person who had lived with his family in Punjab, India for 15 years. His teaching and dedication encouraged me and I was initiated by my first Spiritual Teacher/Guru,Sant Tara Singh ji), a disciple of Kile wale Maharaj., It was then I dedicated my life to the practice of yoga and meditation and the search for truth.

Throughout these years I continued to develop myself self awareness, confidence and creativity with regular meditation practices, this was always the foundation of our spiritual growth and experience in the spiritual Centre. I also practised and then used meditation, yoga, relaxation, healing, crystal healing, massage, and individual counselling, as tools for our personal, our group and then our clients development. I qualified as a Crystal Therapist; I trained to know the experience of this body mind, particularly learning about its subtler energy. As a teacher and therapist I created, set up and taught many courses privately and also in the local Community for the local Council. I also use Healing to introduce people to the experience of this body-mind and its energy, my healing works at a deep level to clear physical, mental and emotional energy patterns either your own and or other peoples to bring clarity and confidence in the experience of yourself leading to change and transformation. I can give you a specific Spiritual Practice to suit your energies and needs what I called concept WGG.