Integrated Meditation Course
He gives you the same initiation that he received from her Guru over 10 years ago, and teaches you how to nurture the arising of consciousness within you. This powerful meditation practise was designed by Sh.Sunil ji to reconnect us with our inner self so that we can experience true peace and joy.When practised with commitment,it is intended to bring abut integration of body,mind and heart.

Hawan also called as homam or Yagna, it is a ritual which is widely performed on various occasions like- marriage, inauguration of home or shops and on some holy days with some special purposes. Why people perform this Hawan? People used to say ancient Indian rishis had a deep understanding of the world and their each puja and pious activity had some special beneficial purpose. Hawan which is quiet widespread since ancient times seems quite strange at first sight, Hawan is performed by igniting a fire in an inverted pyramidal shaped utensil or on the ground (on bounded square shaped area) and the devotees sit surrounding that fire, along with chanting of mantras and shlokas the devotees devote some material know as hawan samagri into the fire. Practically, this seems inane as we all know if some combustible material is thrown into the fire it will burn resulting in emissions of CO2, water vapor and other gases. So, what is beneficial about this hawan? Let us look. We know that there are two basic systems of energy i.e. sound and heat in the physical world. During hawan these two energies are blended sound (by the chanting of mantras) and heat (by hawan fire) in order to achieve desired meta-physical, physical and psychological benefits. The Vaporization of specific substances in the hawan fire constitute a conformable scientific method of purification of matter, generates ions and energy with positive effects in the ambiance through the specific sonic waves of the mantras.

Akhand Path

AKHAND PATH is continuous nonstop recitation of all the verses in the Guru Granth Sahib from the beginning to the end, in 31 Ragas as specified, in all 1430 pages, lasting more than 48 hours by a team of readers. This ritual is considered very holy and is said to bring peace and solace to the participants and the passive listeners of the recital. During the reading it is tradition for langar (or communal food) to be available, thus requiring the continual service and dedication of those in whose honour the Akhand Path is being held.So we request always to the person who held Akhand Path for any reason family or any person of family have whenever he get time,he should attend the ceremony to bring peace to his beloved once or any other thing in family and friends.

The recital - (Path) is undertaken for various reasons. It can be in honour of a particular occasion; to mark a happy or sad occasion within the family; or simply to increase one’s feeling of connection to Waheguru. Some of following may call for an Akhand Path depending on the family's circumstances: a birth, a birthday, recovery from a medical operation, a wedding, a death, a graduation, on achieving a goal like a high school certificate, on passing the driving lesson, an anniversary, a historic occasion, chasing away #evil #spirits and curses etc.
Contribution 18,000 INR