Daniel Fleming - From Australia

February - 2018
Has been a very interesting experience for me at wahoe, learning to feel the flow of existence after learning a variety of techniques. Thankyou to Naveen & Jitender for their kind guidance and assistance in my personal life journey

Mike Fujimura - USA

February - 2018
I came to Rishikesh with the goal of focusing on myself and meditating. I stayed at a hotel and attended a group class there but quickly found that I could not focus and was frustrated with the class. The next day I attended a different meditation group class but again was frustrated and did not particularly like the instructor. My third day here, I started getting worried that I would not be able to meditate. I contacted Jitender at Wahoe and he provided excellent service by providing me an evening meditation custom for me and also solo, 1-on-1 with myself and Meditation guru Naveen.

I had not been able to attain meditation for the entire 2017 year so I was really hoping Naveen could help. I am happy to say he helped me achiever this and I can say that my class was a complete success! It started with some basic breathing techniques and then a short dialogue to discuss “Om” and its spiritual meaning and significance. He also helped me focus on me and said some wonderful things about my well-being. I let out a very healthy cry and after my hour I felt so incredible. I felt completely relaxed, very light like I was floating, and directly above me there was no more stress or burden. This was what I was hoping to achieve and attain and Naveen helped me get there.

For those of you who are considering, I highly recommend Naveen. He helped me tremendously and the money was VERY well worth it. I wound up taking the class for 3 days and also took a spiritual healing class for an hour which I also recommend.

Elan Hasler - Germany

Spiritual Practitioner : 20th July 2015
I Had a 6 month journey in India. An incredible time where I learned as much about me and life as never before. But that all would not have been possible without the physical and mental support of Gurvinder. Right at the beginning of my journey he started my treatment. At that time I just began the path towards myself and with the treatment it felt like everything in myself was mixed. I was totally confused and unsettled. That was excactly what I needed at that time, because from there on I was able to collect the right energies, to put myself together in the new, better and true way and I was able to release a lot of old, negative things, thoughts and energies.

I didn’t only got this tratment, I also learned some ways to meditate which gave me a lot of stability and the opportunity to feel myself as well as to be closer to myself in the following time. During the next 6 months I met Gurvinder a few more times. Always with a smile despite the “work” we had to do. Yes, it was like work, there was so much old and negative stuff to release, so much strenghts and energy to guide in the right way and my soul who needed the support of someone who is deeply connected with nature.

Now, after all this time I can defenitely say, that I changed a lot, I became myself and I have a strong smile very deep inside that always stays with me. I am more connected to nature and the universe, I feel part of the one and I am much more peaceful within myself. That all wouldn’t have been possible without Gurvinder, who was like the mediator between me and nature, energies, however you want to call it. He was the one who put everything in the right direction and who guided me on such a deep level that I cant even explain it.

In any way, I am feeling honestly blessed and deeply thankful for everything Gurvinder did!

Andy Kalirai

Andy Kalirai : June 09/2014
My name is Andy Kalirai and I am a volunteer with Wahoe. Tonight I was invited to join the nightly yoga session led by Chaman Nehta and it was a physically and mentally peaceful experience. We began the session with a breathing meditation and then some basic stretches. We then moved to various postures each increasing in difficulty. I could feel my body becoming more lose and flexible throughout the class and I was becoming more calm as well. Even though we are in the big city of Delhi this class shows you don't need to be in a secluded environment to enjoy yoga or meditation.

At the end we rested in a seated posture and meditated while chanting Om. I had never tried using a mantra before but having a group of people chant Om together definitely seemed to change the atmosphere in the room. Overall it was a great experience and I recommend coming to Wahoe if you are ever in India.

Boris Bivona - Australia

Boris Bivona : Feb 09/2014
Chaman is a very welcoming person. Him and his friend Surinder went out of their way to meet me at a local shop showing me the way to their place. They offered me tea, shared their evening meal and explained about their wonderful community program. Their house is basic yet welcoming. Chaman is a great host and an extremely hard worker. The schools they have set up are really making a difference to some children's lives and he has now set up a yoga retreat. Life in Delhi is very busy and a shock at first but once you are used to it, it is definitely an experience you will remember.

Vincentas Katilius - Barcelona, Spain

Vincentas Katilius - Barcelona, Spain - Jan.03/2014
Really easy going nice guy. He even bothered to meet us at 4 o'clock in the morning!! only the best reference and going to meet him again. P.S. the place is just for non drinkers

Diego Camilo Ayala Caceres - United States

Diego Camilo Ayala Caceres - United States - Nov.30/2013
THE MOST SATISFYING EXPERIENCE! Chaman is an impressive person. He has so much to share. On my short stay he helped me explore the Delhi that most foreigners don't get to see. We had dinner, and he made breakfast for me. Chaman let me do yoga with him. I learned more about Sikh and most importantly, I got to hear Chaman's story. The most satisfying experience!

Lois and Mark - United Kingdom

Lois and Mark - United Kingdom - May 1, 2014
Chaman is a great host and an extremely hard worker. The schools they have set up are really making a difference to some children's lives and he has now set up a yoga centre for slum Kids and Local people in Baljeet Nagar.

Piotr Klinger - Poland

Piotr Klinger - Poland - March 17, 2013
Chaman is a great guy and I spent a month at the school where he teaches. Preety who established the place is a great woman full of warmth and passion. Her work is truly remarkable as she aims at changing the thinking of society and encouraging women to become responsible for their plight. She also helps children from the slum area of baljeet nagar. I had a wonderful time teaching them. I'm proud to call myself a part of the big Wahoe family. I learned a lot about the Sikh culture and customs and I feel I made a difference. I also feel they made a difference in my life.

Margarita Bozhenkova - Moscow, Russia

Margarita Bozhenkova - Moscow, Russia - Jan 28 - 2014
Before we came to Gurvinder's place our intentions were a bit different, but the world had another plan for us and that was the most important part of our travel in India) Gurvinder and other people in meditation centre were very kind to us, helped us and provided us with everything that we needed. And what more Gurvinder gave us several meditation sessions and taught us some important things. This changed a lot in my perception and gave me the right direction of my thoughts. Thank you for everything, I hope we will meet soon. I would appreciate if I can learn more from you)) Our doors are open to you, to your family and friends anytime. We consider you our Spiritial Guru now :) We miss you! Love and hugs Smile always:)

Rusya - Moscow, Russia

Rusya - Moscow, Russia - Jan 28 , 2014
Dear, Gurvinder and Wahoe Community, this is for you from my heart: Bhagwan sabka bhala kare forever Meeting agian so many friends Bhagwan sabka bhala kare together Before we leave this beautiful land Bhagwan sabka bhala kare forever I know I will see you under Moscow snow

Seriuosly, thank you Gurvinder for your hospitality, you're one of the greatest guys that I met, with fire in your heart and clean water in your mind. I pray for your victories and for happiness, your and your family and your friends, forever. See you soon, miss you so much.

Owen Good

Owen Good - Budapest, Hungary - Sep 12, 2013
We (myself and my partner) stayed 3 nights in Gurvinder's meditation centre. Gurvinder and the other staff working in the centre were lovely too us the entire time - helping with suggestions and transport and any issues. Gurvinder is a busy guy but despite that he took the time to speak with us, learn about us,show us around the Sikh Temple (by our request) and individually gave both of us some meditational therapy plus advice. Gurvinder is a lovely man and wants only the best from you. He is inquisitive and approachable. If you'd like to stay in the meditation centre it's important to know that you will have to respect certain rules (for example calmness, no laundry, tidiness). Late at night it could be difficult to find your way home. Thank you Gurvinder for a fantastic round up to our month in India! We're so grateful to have had the chance to stay with you.

All the best, Owen and Camille

Loic and Magda

Loic and Magda - Lyon, France - Jun 10,2012
Magda and I want to thank you Gurvinder for your warm welcome in Shadipur. Although Gurvinder was busy with meditation sessions, he took the time to have one breakfas with us and share his vision about spirituality etc... He is very used to receive volunteers as he helds an association in Delhi and other cities in order to help educating women and children. We are sorry we didn't stay very long in Delhi: our touristic plans drove us to stay little time in Delhi... So many nice things to see in India. Anyway, Magda was happy about spiritual session. Be successful with all you projects Gurvinder.

Lisa Freund

Lisa Freund - Duesseldorf, Germany - Aug 11,2012
Me and my friend were staying at his brothers house in delhi. A few days later we met him in Shimla. We walked around a little bit and he helped us organising some things. Also he analysed our names and birthdays which was very unteresting! At that time i was feeling very ill. He cared very good for me, made two heeling-sessions and brought us homemade kitscheri. Both made me feel very well fast. Thank you very much for your effort again and i'm quite sure that we'll meet soon, by accident or not. We allways fehlt very comfortable having you around. Take care

Linton Cummins

Linton Cummins - Melbourne, Australia - Jan 25,2014
I first met Gurvinder through another couchsurfer; Deepak Sharma. They are colleagues and through Deepak I was hosted at Gurvinder's Spiritual Retreat House. I was actively seeking spiritual guidance after doing my own DIY spirituality for afew years; as a result he has become my Spiritual Guru. I ended up paying him for a 7 day Spiritual Healing Retreat which has been and will continue to be invaluable for my life in the future. Gurvinder is warm and very open with a very powerful and radiant positive energy about him. If you get the chance to meet him then take care

Daria Sladkevich

Daria Sladkevich - Saint Petersburg, Russia - Feb 14,2010
Gurvinder is great, very unusual, with kind and open heart, interested in new people and they way of life in their homecountry. Also he is very interesting company to talk, walk and see true India. We are very lucky that met him in our first day in India.

Christine Diep

Christine Diep - Sydney, Australia - Dec 20,2012
Such a short, but very nice meeting! Gurvinder is kind, good company and gave us a really great impression for our first day in Incredible India and we hope to meet him again! Thank you for tolerating my many, many questions.

Geeta Devi Visa

Geeta Devi Visa - Burgdorf, Switzerland - Oct 14,2012
Namaste Guruji
Thank you so much for your energy that you have unconditionally shared with me. Our travel was intensive and worth every moment. Be blessed, Geeta Devi Singh P.s please meditate for me and my project Natraj Dance. My conection with christian is in process. I wish to have some Nanak mantras, if you could email me something, that would be nice. You have be sent and I opened my heart to see and to accept, in the holiness I leave my belief.......thank you guru for your willingness.

Karolina Mincewicz

Karolina Mincewicz - Lublin, Poland - Aug 22,2011
It was a real pleasure and such nice experience to meet Gurvinder! We had many interesting talks (ah, the story with the "ghost in the mountains" still gives me shivers!) He invited us to his spiritual shop, where I had a curing session and it was quite surprising ;) Thank you! Thank you also for the breakfasts, for your kindness, understanding, calmness and such a beautiful way of being. Gurvinder, your a real gift to this planet. Wish to see you again! Hope to stay in contact!

Stefan and Diana Jäckel

Stefan and Diana Jäckel - Christchurch, New Zealand - Jan 24,2011
Gurvinder laughing eyes and big smile, tell of a great person with a positive outlook on life. We feel blessed to have met him. On the one hand he showed us authentic Indian life, on the other hand he was understanding of our culture and interested in all sorts of topics. His spiritualism is for real. Thanks you for hosting us. We won't forget


Corinna-Daisy - Stuttgart, Germany - Jan 11,2011
Gurvinder is a very impressing being. if your are interessted in spiritualism you should definitly meet him. he was a thoughfull host to me. we got to know each other in shimla when i stayed at the couch of his wife and then we travelled together to delhi where i stayed for some days at his place. Great guy! Thanks and all the best with you work!

Luchrymose Zhang

Luchrymose Zhang - Beijing, China - Nov 5,2010
My darling and I stay at Mr. Singh house during our India holiday. He is very friendly because he was waiting for us at airport when we landing at 2:00am middle night,out of expectation!!! We enjoyed Chinese noodle together which was cooked by my wife and Kongfu Tea, he also tell us many India situations, it is really an impressive days with Mr. Singh.. Hope to meet you in China somedays.


Christian_Montreal - Montreal, Canada Mar 20, 2013
Gajan singh is passionate and peaceful. It was a pleasure to have tea with him and meet his eager and helpful student. He plays authentic, beautiful, transcending music and I am grateful for the experience in meditation centre