Managing Director

He is Jitender Ishpuniani.
He is managing all operations,sales and marketing for Wahoe yoga meditation.

Mehar Singh

He is the first face when you you enter to WYMR,Rishikesh.
He is assisting customers who are interesting in yoga courses,meditation classes,reiki ,massage and healing.By profession he is in tourism and love Nature.During holidays he is like flying bird and always go for trekking,hiking and camping.People love to talk with him.He is amiable,open and kind hospitable.


From Russia
She has been giving To yoga teacher training to our clients as well as helping Elena Saintara in reiki and massage.

Yogi Deepak

He is young,kind hearted and very sincerely learning as well as teaching yoga under the guidance of Wahoe organisation team.

Gajan Singh ji

He is our music teacher.He has been teaching music since 30 years to students.He is very dedicated to his work.


He is musician and amazing singer.He has his own philosophy which makes human beings in peace,harmony and love.Everybody would love to stay with him long.