We are platform to organise yoga courses,meditation courses and other alternative spiritual sciences for our clients,travellers and spiritual practitioners.Our head office is in Rishikesh,the world famous spiritual centre in North India.Our branches are in Delhi,Shimla and Nepal.you are welcome to the world of Wahoe for your yoga and spiritual journey.

The people who come to Rishikesh, the spiritual capital of India, looking for uplifting mind and body experiences, have much to choose from. In fact, so much that a visitor to this complex Himalayan town arrives confused and anxious about finding the right experiences.To compete for your attention and money are over 100 ashrams, 500 certified swamis, 55 temples, 340 pandits, 200 mystics (palmists, astrolgers, healers, etc.) and multiple variations of all these types. What is most common to these providers is proprietary services and packaged solutions, i.e. most specialize in a particular service and you adapt your needs around there products.Our objective is to provide Seekers with unique spiritual, religious, mind, and body experiences, drawing from our expertise in Vedanta philosophy, yoga, and the practice of Hinduism. We are a young, ambitious and modern-day ashram that differentiates itself by offering not just practices, but also understanding, context, meaning, and relevance of what we teach. The product we offer must also be the solution you require, and when your program is over, it is our goal that you leave with a full mystical comprehension of your practical experience.

The specific services we offer emanating from this core body of knowledge includes meditational yoga, physical yoga, pranayama, breathing and can be found in Our Services and teacher training/courses The programs we offer are customized to suit guest requirements and include private arrangements, singly or by group, as well as structured retreats and classes in response to Seekers requirements.We have joint venture with Yogi Vishnu Prasad Panigrahi and he run the whole program with a experienced group of teachers and Masters. The yoga part of our tradition is registered in the Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International. We are certified as the most classical center and together have been practicing our profession for over 10 years in Rishikesh and other parts of India. It’s the nature of our professional calling that we teach, guide, instruct and spread factual knowledge about the esoteric truths inherent in Yoga philosophy, religion and practices.We are supported in our services delivery to Seekers by other professionals in various fields, who we call upon from time to time as needed. Yogi Vishnu is practicing and teaching kriya Yoga, Raja Yoga and Rishi Yoga. This is an eclectic ashram in Central Rishikesh, Our Ashram is not a sectarian religious ashram but we use the power and depth of Hinduism's ideas and practices to formulate solutions for satisfying the needs of our international guests. We offer live-in facilities and provide full meals.

Contemplation,We differentiate ourselves from the mass market by offering boutique solutions that penetrate deeply into mind and body. We deal in small numbers of people and customize our services with solutions that match their explicit and implicit needs.When you depart from our ashram, you do so as a learned individual.