Yogi Jeet run the whole program with a experienced group of teachers and Masters. The yoga part of our tradition is registered.


This is the therapy to balance your chakras so that you can be more clear and transparent with your mind, thoughts and personality.


Raj Ji programs always get me to examine the fundamental issues in my life, and recognize things I need to do to uncover my potential.

Reiki and Massage

She has been giving To yoga teacher training to our clients as well as helping Elena Saintara in reiki and massage.

Client Testimonials

Andy Kalirai -June 09/2014
My name is Andy Kalirai and I am a volunteer with Wahoe. Tonight I was invited to join the nightly yoga session led by Chaman Nehta and it was a physically and mentally peaceful experience. We began the session with a breathing meditation and then some basic stretches. We then moved to various postures each increasing in difficulty. I could feel my body becoming more lose and flexible throughout the class and I was becoming more calm as well. Even though we are in the big city of Delhi this class shows you don't need to be in a secluded environment to enjoy yoga or meditation.
At the end we rested in a seated posture and meditated while chanting Om. I had never tried using a mantra before but having a group of people chant Om together definitely seemed to change the atmosphere in the room. Overall it was a great experience and I recommend coming to Wahoe if you are ever in India.