Client Testimonials

Andy Kalirai -June 09/2014
My name is Andy Kalirai and I am a volunteer with Wahoe. Tonight I was invited to join the nightly yoga session led by Chaman Nehta and it was a physically and mentally peaceful experience. We began the session with a breathing meditation and then some basic stretches. We then moved to various postures each increasing in difficulty. I could feel my body becoming more lose and flexible throughout the class and I was becoming more calm as well. Even though we are in the big city of Delhi this class shows you don't need to be in a secluded environment to enjoy yoga or meditation.
At the end we rested in a seated posture and meditated while chanting Om. I had never tried using a mantra before but having a group of people chant Om together definitely seemed to change the atmosphere in the room. Overall it was a great experience and I recommend coming to Wahoe if you are ever in India.